Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Residents Wonder Of Weird
40th Anniversary Tour

The Residents are back on tour with their greatest performance in years!!

Here's almost the complete show recorded in ten parts at The Kessler Theater in Dallas, Texas on Saturday 2 February 2013!!


1. Loser=Weed
2. Picnic in the Jungle (Snakefinger cover)
3. Loser=Weed
4. Baby Sister
5. Give It to Someone Else
6. The Simple Song (Acapella Snippet)
7. Jack the Boneless Boy
8. The Confused Transsexual
9. (Unknown)(Instrumental)
10. Teddy
11. The Monkey Man
12. Struggle
13. The Man in the Dark Sedan (Snakefinger cover)
14. Hanging by His Hair
15. (Unknown) (Instrumental)
16. Bathsheba Bathes
17. Honey Bear
18. The Black Behind
19. Marching to the Sea (New Lyrics)
20. Constantinople (Instrumental Snippet)
21. Would We Be Alive?

22. Santa Dog
23. Mahogany Wood
24. Auld Lang Syne

Thanks to toyranch for these great videos!!!

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