Monday, January 20, 2020

Spazbot - Emergency (1986)

Neal Fadlin of Spazbot was a fellow artist I met through the Dallas Artist Co-op in 1983. They did occasional performances at the Twilight Room, and the only recording I am aware of is this track Emergency from the Made Up in Texas compilation from 1986. Whoever ripped it from vinyl did a lousy job, so it is what it is. 

Pictured are Gentleman John and Neal Fadlin of Spazbot, circa early-mid 1980s


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  1. I knew Neal in '78 when we formed The Earthworms. We were first to play the Maple Theater midnight shows. The performance was recorded and sounded pretty good, despite most of us being beginning musicians only 3 weeks and 3 practices under our belt, and not especially 'punk.' Unfortunately, we've been forgotten in the punk histories. Neal advises he no longer has the tape and neither do I. Somewhere, someone must have a copy. I'd love to hear it again.